Blue Gear ImageI’m sure I’m not the only Apple addict that has been waiting, and waiting ,and waiting, for iCloud to finally become something more useful than a glorified backup utility.  Of course I love some of the features like being able to stream my whole iTunes library, but truth be told that doesn’t do a whole lot to improve my everyday life.

I have multiple cloud storage accounts, mainly for work.  Box, Dropbox, Cubby, there are so many and for some reason I never really seemed to fall in love with any of them.  Then when sharing a Google Doc with a client it hit me.  Why am I not using Google Drive for everything.  I can collaborate using Google Docs with clients and co-workers, I can store all of my files, FINALLY I can clean up my desk top and keep it clean!

So I guess the only remaining question is how much I trust Google with that much of my personal information.  I know there has been plenty of news about the NSA accessing personal information through unsecured channels, or possibly (probably)  while Google was conveniently not looking.  I’m not shy about sharing my support of the second amendment online or the fact that I think government should be smaller.  But if the government wants to read my boring monthly budget or Paleo recipes then they can have at it.

Kicking my use of Google Drive into high gear has instantly improved my life (or at least my desktop).  I love the flexibility of storing files or transferring them into a Google Doc version.  Being able to instantly share with with friends, co-workers and clients is a major win.  And of course all of this comes with the ease of use and intuitive interface that has made us all know and love Google.  I may not be willing to switched to an Android just yet, but I have to say I do still love Google.