Special-Use-Only-Salesforce.org-logo-square-300x200-300x200So anyone who knows me, probably knows that I have a wide variety of interests.  However, the one passion that I have had consistently over the last few decades, is the unending pursuit to give back.  I have been incredibly lucky, have had amazing people supporting me, and of course, throw in a bit of good old-fashioned hard work.  But, the one thing that I can point to as being the pivotal element of success has been having access to technology at a young age.

When I was in elementary school, I was lucky enough to have access to a (not so) super sophisticated, high-tech computer lab, full of Commodore 64 computers.  Yes, I know I am dating myself, and yes, I see the irony of naming an 8-bit computer “64”.  None the less, I was able to get out of class a few times a week to go down to the computer lab and boot all of the computers for the upcoming class, since each machine needed to be booted with a 5.25″ floppy disk.

From an early age, I was obsessed with technology.  I was learning how to program in Basic (there was no visual basic yet) in Junior High, and by High School, I was learning to develop in Pascal.  I turned my Dad’s IBM 8086 PC into a hub for FidoNet at age 13, because it was so advanced it had a 10MB hard drive and 1200 baud modem, much more than the handful of personal computers had at the time.   People could now send emails through a chain of hubs that allowed messages to be delivered across the country in about 18-24 hours.  While I was in college, Object Oriented Programming was just being born, and still seemed a bit too “gimmicky” for most programmers to take seriously.

Skip ahead to 2004 and I had started on what would become my life, and careers obsession with Salesforce.  I watched release notes grow from 30 pages to over 300 pages.  I was fortunate enough to be there for the birth of Force.com, one of the first Cloud Development Platforms.  I will say that there is some excitement to have been around to see the death of S-Controls and it’s rebirth in the age of Lightning.

And, if Salesforce wasn’t transformational enough in my life, I found the Power of Us!  The Power of Us Hub helps non-profit organizations fulfill their mission by providing the support of the world best cloud based technologies.  My dream was not just to be successful working in an industry I love, but to help build a future full of successful leaders, that enjoyed the same opportunities because they had the same advantages that technology provides.

Thanks to The Power of Us Hub, STEMified has been able to collaborate with other non-profit leaders from around the world, exchange ideas, and leverage one of the most advanced technologies available today, Salesforce.com.  As we begin our journey of providing the best technologies to all students to promote the learning of STEM, we look to a future of economic equality, made possible by equal learning opportunities for all students.