The 60th Major Release of Salesforce is almost here.  Just after Dreamforce, we will all be trying to implement the hundreds of new features released.   Chances are you’ve already heard about and are preparing for the most commonly marketed features.  Today, we are going to look at the 3 best features you’ve probably never heard of.

  1. Lightning Extension on Chrome
    With the release of Winter ’20 there are some great new features, some of which are somewhat obscure, but likely have features that you’ve been asking for over the last few releases.  One example is the Lighting Extension for Chrome.  For those of you that are using the latest MacOS you’ll appreciate the new Lightning on Chrome extension.  Now, like on your Mac, you have the option to use Salesforce Lightning in Dark Mode.If you want to save the planet, this is a great way to conserve energy.  If, like me, you just want to work a few extra hours in bed without waking your husband, Dark Mode will be a marriage saver.Much like its Apple counterpart, the new Dark Mode allows you to keep on working when the sun goes down.  I will share my own experience, if I’m working and the bright white light from my screen is blaring in my eyes at 1am, I’m not going to be able to sleep until at least 3am.  Dark mode makes those necessary late nights more bearable.  Now, I will say that I work at Salesforce where work/life integration is a core principal that everyone is encouraged to apply to their daily lives.  So, working after the sun goes down is pretty uncommon for me.  But during those times like tonight when I want share spend some time to share with the community, it’s invaluable.

    • Link Grabber
      Another great feature of Winter ’20 is Link Grabber.  Now you have the ability to easily open links from places such as email and open them up in a single Salesforce tab.  This is not just a time saver, but a huge boost to overall productivity.
    • Hidden Components
      • Today, users are all about personalization.  The concept that I should want the same experience as a peer in my organization is as old school as snail mail or spending an hour traveling into a physical office for no reason.  With the new Chrome extension, users can now easily remove or add components on a record page to create a more unique and personalized experience that suites their style.
  2. Conversational Search (Beta)
      • One of the greatest set of features coming out of Salesforce today is the ability to use, create, and integrate Natural Language Processing throughout the Platform.  In the past if I searched for My Accounts, I would only get back Account records that contained the words “My Accounts”.  Of course that is not what I’m trying to find.  With the beta release of Conversational Search, Einstein now understands that I’m actually looking for Accounts that belong to me.
  3. Unique Row Count (Beta)
        • If you’re like me the bane of your existence is not being able to use a common feature of SQL such as COUNT(DISTINCT)
        • Now, with the beta release of Unique Row Count, that’s become even easier to do on the Salesforce platform.