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Digital Customer Service Campfire Agenda

What you’ll learn when you spend a day with us…

The Digital Customer Service campfire is intended for existing Service Cloud customers looking to provide multi-channel support. It is considered a mid-level class.

*While we have a set class agenda and are unable to tailor the class to each attendees requirements, we welcome questions specific to your scenarios during the event.*

Trail 1 Self Service Community Portal:We will orient you to a Community, and introduce supported use cases

Trail 2 Chat:  Setup and test web chat on a Salesforce Community

Trail 3 Messaging:Configure Inbound and Outbound Messaging for SMS in your org for two-way message conversations

Trail 4 Build a Basic Bot:  Setup an Einstein Bot to automate all or part of a conversation via Chat and SMS

Trail 5 Teach the Bot to Understand Customer LanguageLeverage the power of Einstein Natural Language Understanding to allow customers to ask for help in their own words

Trail 6Supercharge the Bot with Your Data: Leverage the power of the Salesforce Platform and CRM data in the Einstein Bot

Trail 7 CTI:See how easy it can be to connect your telephony system to Salesforce

Trail 8 Social:  See how easy it can be to connect your social media pages to Salesforce

Trail 9 Lightning FlowDeclaratively build and embed component-based processes

We’re hosting a free, hands-on Product Campfire, focused on Self-Service and Digital Service Channels. 

This is a no-cost workshop designed to provide you with the experience to easily optimize your customer service operation in the cloud without writing any code! You’ll gather together with other customers who are exploring how to more easily connect with their customers.

Our team will introduce you to the basics and fundamentals of Self Service Communities, Chat, SMS Messaging, Bots, CTI (Telephony), Social Channels and Flow. Check out our agenda here.

We will give you a trial org to configure and you’ll get hands-on learning on how to set up the key building blocks to unlock the power of Service Cloud. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be familiar with the power of Self-Service and digital channels on Service Cloud and be able to take your configured org back to show your colleagues at the office.

Thank you to our sponsors Neuraflash and New Voice Media!