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Field Service Lightning Campfire Agenda

What you’ll learn when you spend a day with us

The Field Service Lightning campfire is intended for new-to-Salesforce customers, or customers who currently use Salesforce, and are not yet using Field Service Lightning. It is considered an entry level class, and is not intended for experienced users.

*While we have a set class agenda and are unable to tailor the class to each attendees requirements, we welcome questions specific to your scenarios during the event.*

Trail 1   Field Service Lightning Guided Setup:   learn all about things like Work Types & Skills, Scheduling Policies and a whole lot more

Trail 2  Meet Agent Annie:  learn how to create Work Orders and book appointments from the agent side of things

Trail 3  Meet Dispatcher Dan:look at the Dispatcher’s role and how different types of resources can be scheduled

Trail 4  Meet Technician Tom: Examine at the technician’s role and how they manage different service appointments

Trail 5   Meet  Customer Cara:Help your customers be able to create and manage their own appointments

Trail 6  Meet Manager Mike Look at the manager’s role, and how they manage day-to-day reporting requirements

Learn best practices for:

Optimizing schedules as the Dispatcher

Connecting Technicians

Delivering real-time insights to your Supervisors

What to bring: Please bring your laptop and power cord to participate in the hands-on exercises (no tablets please) as well as a mobile device as we will also be introducing you to the FSL mobile app.

What’s included: We will provide you with coffee, lunch and an optional happy hour at the conclusion of the event.