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Service Cloud Campfire Agenda

What you’ll learn when you spend a day with us…

The Service Cloud campfire is intended for new-to-Salesforce customers, or customers who currently use Sales cloud, and are not yet using Service Cloud. It is considered an entry level class, and is not intended for experienced users.

*While we have a set class agenda and are unable to tailor the class to each attendees requirements, we welcome questions specific to your scenarios during the event.*

Trail 1   Enjoy The View:  We will orient you to the Service Cloud Console, and introduce cases and list views

Trail 2  Customize Your View:  Learn how to create list views to work for your business needs

Trail 3  Share the Knowledge:  Put knowledge in the power of your agents hands by building a knowledgebase

Trail 4  Customize Agent Pages:  Configure what your agents see to make them efficient and productive

Trail 5   Create a Customer Community: Help your customers self serve and increase CSAT scores

Trail 6  Extend Your Platform with Custom Objects: Building a custom object to handle customer returns

Trail 7  Building a Case for Multiple Case Types: How record types will help your agents by only being presented with relevant information

Trail 8  A Path to Success:  Using case paths to quickly identify where the case is, and where it needs to go

Trail 9  Save Clicks with Macros:  Increase efficiency by reducing repetitive tasks

Trail 10  Find Insights in your Data:   Drive change and improvements by using reports and dashboards to track key metrics